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Welcome to! Your definitive source for information about Duck, NC and the surrounding Outer Banks area! contains several listings of all the various shops, restaurants, and businesses in the Outer Banks area. Simply click on the business type that interests you the most and browse our resources. All information is ordered by city. If you would like to sort by a different category, simply click the heading of the category and the page will refresh to reflect your changes!

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Blackbeard the Pirate

Blackbeard, real name EDWARD TEACH (1680?-1718), English pirate, probably born in Bristol. He was widely known and feared for his robberies and atrocities throughout the West Indies and along the coast of the North Carolina and Virginia colonies. In 1718 the governor of Virginia sent two British ships to attack Blackbeard, who was spending the winter in a North Carolina inlet; the pirate was killed in the engagement.

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