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Welcome to! Your definitive source for information about Duck, NC and the surrounding Outer Banks area! contains several listings of all the various shops, restaurants, and businesses in the Outer Banks area. Simply click on the business type that interests you the most and browse our resources. All information is ordered by city. If you would like to sort by a different category, simply click the heading of the category and the page will refresh to reflect your changes!

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The Wright Brothers

In 1900 the Wrights built a larger kite with a 5m (17ft) wingspan that could carry a pilot. They chose to test their craft near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, because the site had suitable steady winds and sandy banks, which would minimize the impact of the craft and pilot upon landing. The kite flew well and Wilbur achieved a few seconds of piloted flight. The following July they returned to Kitty Hawk and built a wooden winged sled at Kill Devil Hills, where there were large sand dunes. Their new machine was longer and had a different wing shape than the previous model. It also had a hand-operated elevator attached to the horizontal tail stabilizer. Again they achieved encouraging results, particularly after further alterations to the wing arch, but there were still problems with stability and control.

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